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Pop In's is located on the ground floor of the Galerie de Bourg. You may access it from the south at the rue de Bourg 11-13 (Pop In's is downstairs) or from the north at the rue du Rôtillon 4 (best if you have a stroller).


Does your child have some gaps in mathematics, French, etc. or does he/she need regular school work?

School children (from 5 years)

With school children, we work on concentration. We believe that the lack of concentration in class impedes the learning process. By learning in an entertaining way to focus, the child will more easily succeed in focusing his energy and intellect to accomplish a given task.

This support is intended for:

  • Young pupils often passive and sometimes absent (who “have their head in the clouds”).
  • Those who are interested in something else than what happens in the classroom (play with their pencils, chat).
  • Those who move a lot (walking, poor body position) and disturb their neighbors.

Students (7+ years) after compulsory schooling (until the end of secondary school)
Students attending post-compulsory education (after secondary school)

Our objectives:

  • Encourage students in a motivating, stimulating and interactive way as they progress through their academic learning, overcoming their difficulties while deepening their knowledge.
  • Provide individualized support courses for all basic branches (French, mathematics, English, etc.) for students and apprentices who encounter temporary academic difficulties. These courses are taught by coaches still studying at university or young teachers.

Attendance and duration

  • Minimum once a week.
  • A maximum of 60 minutes per session.


  • Young children (from 5 years): CHF 23.-/hour.
  • Students following compulsory schooling (until the end of secondary school): CHF 25.-/hour.
  • Students following post-compulsory education (after secondary school): CHF 29.-/hour.
Opening Hours
Mon-Fri 8:00-12:30
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tration is mandatory)
Mon 17:30-18:30
Wed/Sat Morning
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Mon 13:30-16:00
Party packs
Sat 14:00-16:00
Sun On request
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