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Pop In's is located on the ground floor of the Galerie de Bourg. You may access it from the south at the rue de Bourg 11-13 (Pop In's is downstairs) or from the north at the rue du Rôtillon 4 (best if you have a stroller).


Life sometimes means intense moments of happiness: becoming a mom or dad. Parents and children slowly build bonds: “affection”. This way, the child may grow up in harmony and serenity.

The learning sessions that we propose are not therapeutic but meeting and discussion moments. Silvye Leonardi Forler, founder of Happy Children will alternate lectures and practical workshops she created from her know-how in the pediatric field. The goal is to support parents in finding their own path and to provide them with tools to enable them to build a harmonious and respectful relationship with their child.

A session consists of 10 workshops or courses, during which you can discover or deepen soothing gestures or techniques and develop positive communication with your child.

Parents having trouble letting go and very young ones may attend Explore the World, a package that allows parents to stay and participate in awakening and empowerment activities.

Opening Hours
Mon-Fri 8:00-12:30
Tutoring (regis-
tration is mandatory)
Mon 17:30-18:30
Wed/Sat Morning
for parents
Mon 13:30-16:00
Party packs
Sat 14:00-16:00
Sun On request
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