Daycare – Workshops – Birthday Parties – Parental Mentoring

Pop In's is located on the ground floor of the Galerie de Bourg. You may access it from the south at the rue de Bourg 11-13 (Pop In's is downstairs) or from the north at the rue du Rôtillon 4 (best if you have a stroller).

Occasional Daycare

Our daycare center is a place for socialization and stimulation of collective and individual activities for children aged 25 to 30 months to 12 years. Children are warmly welcomed by a dynamic teaching team, concerned for their well-being.

How does it work?

Provided that there is enough space, you may drop your child without making an appointment in advance. However, the best is to contact us beforehand, to check availability. Ideal for a visit to the doctor, for instance!


During the children’s stay, the educators organize various educational activities appropriate to the age of each child. These activities of various kinds aim at developing the children’s capabilities. Here are some examples:

  • Creative activities
  • Musical activities
  • Physical activities
  • Meetings (awakening activities, singing, story telling …)
  • Free games

The center does not prepare any meals. Parents may bring a lunch or snack for their children.


Minimum one hour, maximum half a day. No predefined schedule. Service also available during school holidays.

Base price

  • First child: 16.00 CHF/hour
  • Second child and more: 14.00 CHF/hour

Preferential rates (a.k.a. passports)

The passport allows you to buy hours at reduced rates; you can then use them as you wish:

  • Mini (5 hours): 78.00 CHF
  • Maxi (10 hours): 150.00 CHF
  • Mega (20 hours): 280.00 CHF
Opening Hours
Mon-Fri 8:00-12:30
Tutoring (regis-
tration is mandatory)
Mon 17:30-18:30
Wed/Sat Morning
for parents
Mon 13:30-16:00
Party packs
Sat 14:00-16:00
Sun On request
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