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Pop In's is located on the ground floor of the Galerie de Bourg. You may access it from the south at the rue de Bourg 11-13 (Pop In's is downstairs) or from the north at the rue du Rôtillon 4 (best if you have a stroller).

About Us

Pop In’s is a nursery for children aged 25-30 months to 12 years (8-12 for some specific workshops) located in the center of Lausanne and close to public transport. We also offer services for younger or older children.

The pedagogy at Pop In’s is derived from the Happy Children educational concept and focuses on awakening and response to the natural curiosity of young children. That is why we propose creative workshops during the whole year, including holidays. During the schoolyear, the workshops are included for children attending regular daycare. We work to let the children acquire as soon as possible their autonomy, necessary for their entry into primary school.

Although located in the city center, Pop In’s has an outdoor private garden with a cushioned terrace for additional security. This is complemented by an area consisting of a lawn with a small vegetable garden to allow our young gardeners to experience nature.

A broader societal vision

Unlike most daycare centers, Pop In’s proposes casual childcare (for example, in case of appointment to the doctor) and emergency childcare (for example, during training or for any family crisis situation).

To us, the parents are the first educators of their children. In addition to childcare, Pop In’s proposes a whole range of courses and tools to acquire experience and better understand the challenging role of becoming a mother or father.

Pop In’s believes in the social bond and organizes customized birthday parties for children and celebrations for parents (Baby Shower, Gender Reveal Party…).

Pop In’s is a formative structure: we welcome young people who wish to realize their internship or apprenticeship in the socio-educational field.

A team at your service

Pop In’s employs qualified staff and experienced assistants (former nannies or primary school teachers) and external consultants for specialized education (visual arts, English, etc.). The selection is strict and adheres to criteria defined by Happy Children.

Opening Hours
Mon-Fri 8:00-12:30
Tutoring (regis-
tration is mandatory)
Mon 17:30-18:30
Wed/Sat Morning
for parents
Mon 13:30-16:00
Party packs
Sat 14:00-16:00
Sun On request
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